8 Pointers to Help you Nail Your Video Interview

It is always stressful when you are interviewing for a job and now with the “new normal” as a result of COVID-19, more interviews are taking place electronically.  Even though technology adds its own elements to the mix, you can take advantage of Video Conferencing so you can get that next dream job.  Below are some tips that will help you with your Video Interview.


1) Eliminate distractions

You do not need a kid crawling in your lap or even a dog barking During your interview, but more slight distractions such as a text message or just a neighborhood child falling out of his bicycle outside your window may throw you off.

In a face-to-face setting, distractions are all shared, so equally both parties experience them concurrently. You could miss a significant detail, a question, or a chance to exhibit your knowledge. Switch those phone notifications off and set up your home office in a quiet, distraction-free location.


2) Prepare your Office for the Interview

You dress up for a meeting, right? And in all probability, you have dressed suitably for your interview. Do not spoil your look with a cluttered background.

You may choose one of two strategies. One is to keep it simple. A blank wall, as an example. It is dull, but it is neutral. I find it is essential to maintain a house office if you are asking for a work-from-home position. This communicates that you have spent some time and resources developing a space that lets you operate efficiently.


3) Lighting is Key

Overhead fluorescent or incandescent light Isn’t exactly the most flattering. You do not require a professional lighting kit, however, you need to think of how it is possible to use natural lighting from windows to project a clear and comprehensive picture of your face. But if sunlight is reduced, it could be too bright. If that’s the situation, move around till the light is diffused in your face. With pc cameras, backlighting never functions, so avoid placing the light source behind you.


4) Wear Headphones

Technology is not perfect. There is an opportunity there might be a Lag, which induces an echo if you are not wearing headphones.  There is a chance that the sound quality will be terrible if you just rely upon the speakers and PC microphone.


5) Don’t Be Late

It does not make sense to appear too early for a Zoom interview. If you are 15 minutes early, you might be sitting in the front of a blank screen for a quarter-hour. That is a good deal of time to become sucked into the vortex of the distractions around you and you will lose your attention. This can make your interview much more difficult.

Obviously, you do not wish to be late. I always set an alert for 10 minutes and one minute before the scheduled time. At the 10-minute mark, I am at my desk zoned into the upcoming interview.  Once the one-minute alarm sounds, I login to the meeting.

If you are unable to make it into your interview time due to unexpected issues, be certain that you apologize and explain why you are late when you arrive on camera.


6) Do not interject

In a face-to-face meeting, interjecting is disruptive but is acceptable. However, in a video interview, it is ideal to allow the hiring manager or recruiter to complete their idea before leaping in. A very small lag may throw away the rhythm and produce your own interjection–even if you planned it to be considerate and gentle –seem like a rude interruption.


7) Dress for Success

Pants give you assurance. Pants remind one of what is at stake. That is absurd, of course, but what is real is that the emotional effect of dressing for success–in a Zoom interview.

I have a buddy who puts her shoes on each morning before she walks into her home office to start her workday. Her mind switches into the work zone when she puts on her shoes. She is among the most lively and professional folks I know, therefore that I hope getting dressed is well worth it.


8) Prepare for Technical Mishaps

 Always perform a test run of your technology ahead of time with a buddy. In prepping for your interview, make sure you have already installed Zoom or whatever video conferencing tool you will be using.  Make sure to test out the sound including your speakers and mic.  As mentioned earlier, you should not rely on the PC speakers and mic but a good headset. I also recommend having a noise-canceling microphone if possible.  However, if a technical issue arises, remain calm. Many times, it is just a matter of having a weak internet connection.  If this is the case, move closer to the modem router. A final piece of advice is that you should always assume that your camera is on, even once you know you switched it off. Check to be certain that your mic and speakers are turned on in case you are having sound issues.


You Can Nail your Interview!

I hope that these eight hints will help you be more prepared for Your Zoom interview. Remember to take a deep breath and stay calm during your interview and you will do a great job.  Best of Luck!


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